400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL by Lawrence Zwier

By Lawrence Zwier

For college kids whose first language isn't English and who desire to examine at a school with an English-based curriculum, no admittance try out is extra very important than the try of English as a international Language (TOEFL). four hundred Must-Have phrases for the TOEFL is helping you rating good through arming you with crucial English vocabulary phrases typically chanced on in this an important examination. This well timed consultant additionally encompasses the hot adjustments made to the try out, together with the emphasis on dialog and spontaneous communique to reflect the interactive nature of the classroom.

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Adjust 2. arbitrary 3. denominator 4. exponentially 5. infinitesimal 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. maximize parallel proportion rate sequence Definitions and Samples 1. adjust v. To change; to get accustomed to something Travelers are advised to adjust their watches before arriving in the new time zone. Parts of speech adjustment n, adjustable adj 2. arbitrary adj. Chosen simply by whim or chance, not for any specific reason The decision to build a school in Blackberry Township was arbitrary, without any thought to future housing patterns.

Many components of electricity production. 1. What does the author say about solar power? a. It produces more electricity than any other source. b. It is a relatively small source of energy for heating water in steam turbines. c. Electricity producers are trying to use it more regularly. d. Researchers are trying to make it cheaper to use. 2. In the passage, the word transformer probably refers to a a. b. c. d. truck generator that produces electricity type of turbine device that changes electric currents Lesson 8 Energy TOEFL Prep I 1.

8. 9. 10. emission extinction reservoir shrink stable Definitions and Samples 1. constraint n. Something that restricts thought or action The constraints of military life kept Eileen from seeing Private Morris more than once a month. Parts of speech constrain v 2. contamination n. Being made less clean by a germ or hazardous substance The contamination in the river came from the factory located just upstream. Parts of speech contaminate v, contaminant n 3. deplete v. To greatly decrease the supply of a resource or material The prolonged war depleted the country’s national treasury.

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