A Colour Atlas of Removable Partial Dentures by J.C. Davenport;R. M. Basker;J.R. Heath;J.P. Ralph

By J.C. Davenport;R. M. Basker;J.R. Heath;J.P. Ralph

A realistic survey of detachable partial dentures, of curiosity to dentists and oral surgeons. themes coated comprise sufferer evaluate, partial denture layout, practise of the mouth and prosthetic therapy.

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Weiss N, Zhang YY, Heydrick S, et al: Overexpression of cellular glutathione peroxidase rescues homocyst(e)ine-induced endothelial dysfunction, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 98:12503–12508, 2001. Pelligrino DA, Koenig HM, Wang Q, et al: Protein kinase C suppresses receptor-mediated pial arteriolar relaxation in the diabetic rat, Neuroreport 5:417–420, 1994. Mayhan WG: Impairment of endothelium-dependent dilatation of cerebral arterioles during diabetes mellitus, Am J Physiol 256:H621–625, 1989.

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