A Course of Pure Mathematics 3rd ed by G. H. Hardy

By G. H. Hardy

This e-book has been designed basically for using first 12 months scholars on the Universities whose skills achieve or method anything like what's frequently defined as scholarship ordinary. i'm hoping that it can be invaluable to different sessions of readers, however it is that this type whose desires i've got thought of first. It os as a minimum ebook for mathematicians i've got nowhere made any try to meet the wishes of scholars of engineering or certainly any category of scholars whose pursuits aren't basically mathematical.

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In this case the functional relation makes the same value of y correspond to all The same would be true were y equal to Such a function of x is called a constant. values of x. of 0. 1 or -\ or V2 instead Let y = x. Then if x is positive this equation defines two values of y 3. Hence to the Jx. If #=0, corresponding to each value of #, viz. But if x is particular value 0- of x corresponds one and only one value of y. negative there is no value of y which satisfies the equation. That is to say, y0.

There are now three cases to distinguish. It may happen that all negative rational numbers belong to the lower class and zero and all positive rational numbers to the upper. We describe this section as the real number zero. Or again that the lower class includes some positive numbers. may happen Such a section it we 15 REAL VARIABLES 8, 9] number. describe as a positive real that some negative numbers a section we describe as a negative real Finally it the upper belong to The 7 Such number*. between our present definition of a positive real number a to the addition to the lower class of zero and all the difference and that of may happen class.

P Prove that 4. Some theorems concerning quadratic 14. surds. Two pure quadratic surds are said to be similar if they can be ex of the same surd, and otherwise to be pressed as rational multiples dissimilar. and Thus On the other hand, if M and N no common factor, and neither of which so \/8, ^^f- are similar surds. are integers which have and is a perfect square, >JM if possible, V-ir-* q where * all The *JN are dissimilar surds. For suppose, A V u the letters denote integers. figure is drawn to suit the case in which b and c have the same and a the opposite sign.

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