A Cure For The Common Word: Remedy Your Tired Vocabulary by K. D. Sullivan

By K. D. Sullivan

Make your in poor health vocabulary move from only sturdy to exceptionally splendid and stupendous!

Your mind holds a magnificent vocabulary of greater than 20,000 phrases, yet likelihood is you just use a small fraction of them. That fraction is generally packed with tired oldies that experience misplaced their influence, reminiscent of interesting, good, and <i>nice</i.. you can now rejuvenate your vocabulary and rehab your verbal talents with this advisor for utilizing language to speak extra successfully in writing and speech.

Inside, you'll locate greater than thirty possible choices for every of the only hundred most typically overused phrases within the English language. besides an inventory of synonyms, every one universal be aware comes with definitions, pattern sentences, witty charges, motives of why the be aware fails to speak, and masses extra.

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Mysterious Relationships can involve secrets or unexplained aspects, which may have a positive or negative connotation. perplexing Relationships can be confusing and marked with uncertainty or doubt. problematic Relationships can make great mental demands that seem hard to comprehend, solve, or even believe. thorny Relationships can be full of difficulties or complexities; thorny clearly has a much more negative connotation. The way of the troublemaker is thorny. AMERICAN UMPQUA INDIAN PROVERB direct 52 adjective honest; straightforward; frank; candid PART OF SPEECH DEFINITION candid blunt explicit al unequivoc unambiguou forth right s outspoken cures for the common word absolute bald blunt candid categorical downright explicit express forthright frank genuine guileless matter-of-fact open outspoken plain plain-spoken point-blank sincere straight straightforward truthful unambiguous unconcealed undisguised unequivocal unreserved He was always smoothing and polishing himself, and in the end he became blunt before he was sharp.

CHINESE PROVERB certain 32 PART OF SPEECH DEFINITION adjective confident; free from doubt or reservation conclu sive d assure evident ous unambigu fixed reliable irrefutable cures for the common word absolute assured believing calm clear conclusive convinced definite evident firm fixed guaranteed incontrovertible indubitable infallible irrefutable known plain positive predestined real reliable safe sanguine secure set sound sure true unambiguous undeniable unequivocal unerring unmistakable unquestionable verifiable We have no reliable guarantee that the afterlife will be any less exasperating than this one, have we?

Click here for terms of use. 57 DIAGNOSIS vague Professor Waddingham made the new math seem easy. Thank goodness someone can make the new math seem easy, but in this sentence we’re not sure exactly how the professor managed to make it less difficult. powerful remedies Substitute an alternative remedy for easy: Professor Waddingham made the new math seem . accessible She showed us how to easily approach and use the math. effortless She taught us a way to learn the math that required little or no effort.

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