A Disproof of the Radiation Theory of Chemical Activation by Lewis G.N., Mayer J.E.

By Lewis G.N., Mayer J.E.

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There are two methods in which this can be carried out. penlanedionato)iron(IIIJ . corrosIOn : corrosion is the chemical changes which occurs in a maI • II ================_ IfW11/""" Chemistry II corrosion cells I covalent borul terial over time due to its contact with air or moisture, and which result in the loss of physical strength and the mechanical properties of the material, rendering it unsuitable for its intended use. For example, metals are oxidised in moist air to their oxides which have low mechanical strength.

3 that of paramagnetism so that the effect is swamped by the presence of unpaired electrons. ~ (N2 ), and the halogens are ex; amples of diatomic elements. : • Diazonium compounds ~ important type of compounds I containing the RN = NX I groups, where R is aromatic I group and X a negative group. : • dibasic ~ compounds containing two hyI ~ drogens that may be replaced : by a monovalent metal or radical. , ethylene : glycol. • diamond an allotropic modification of carbon. It is the hardest substance known.

Tliel~~ a~' JltJpourtletector ItlijfnlaionJNIItem II to no net flow ofelectric chaFge. The substance having dielectric properties shows piezoelectric effect. • dielectric vapour detector refers to an apparatus to measure the chan e in the dielectric g constant of gases ,of gas mixtures, used as a detector in gas chromatographs to sense changes in carrier gas. • dielectronic recombination the combination of an electron with a positive-ion in a gas; thus the energy released is taken up by two electrons of the resultingatom.

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