A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, by Karen Armstrong

By Karen Armstrong

"An admirable and bold paintings of synthesis that might provide perception and delight to hundreds of thousands of lay readers."

In this stunningly clever ebook, Karen Armstrong, one among Britain's ultimate commentators on non secular affairs, strains the background of the way women and men have perceived and skilled God, from the time of Abraham to the current. From classical philsophy and medieval mysticism to the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the trendy age of skepticism, Karen Armstrong plays the close to miracle of distilling the highbrow heritage of monotheism into one beautifully readable quantity, destined to take its position as a classic.

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My prestige is that of an informed layman who has
devoted a long time to check the literature relating
Christian origins and early Christianity. This enterprise
would possibly be the an identical of acquiring educational
degrees within the box. besides the fact that, i don't have the
imprimatur of the students within the institution.
Moreover, i've been ended in conclusions that considerably
challenge the doctrines and positions of the hot
Testament institution, as is clear from the
content of this publication.

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