A Perfect Darkness by Jaime Rush

By Jaime Rush

They reside traditional lives, yet they're outstanding. they're the Offspring, kids of a mysterious test long gone awry—and they're in negative hazard. a horny stranger awakens Amy Shane in the dark. Lucas Vanderwyck slightly has time to whisper a number of phrases ahead of 3 males burst into her bed room and drag him away. yet what Lucas finds shatters Amy's secure little international endlessly. Lucas and Amy percentage a psychic gift—a present that can positioned them in mortal hazard. And as they proportion evening after evening of savage ardour, as a shadowy govt conspiracy tracks their each movement, they are going to struggle to save lots of one another. yet in simple terms with their powers of moment sight can they break out the fear of an ideal darkness.

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He wasn’t thinking either,” Eric said. Petra wrapped her arms around her waist and paced, her tears flowing. “If only he would have told us. ” “Or gotten killed, too. No, he wouldn’t tell us because he knew we’d object. ” But why? Amy wondered. Why her? With her hand in her pocket, she wrapped Lucas’s chain around her fingers. She followed Petra’s gaze to a corkboard above the desk that held several photographs. Most looked old, from maybe twenty years ago. They reminded her of the pictures of her mom and dad she kept in places she looked at frequently.

With a false smile on her face, she wound her way around the edge of the crowd. Her �heart tripped when she saw the man wearing dress pants and a white work shirt. He’d unbuttoned the top few buttons and rolled up the sleeves, but he was way out of his element. For one thing, he screamed heterosexual, his distaste at being there etched on his face. For another, he was looking at her when she’d swung her gaze in his direction, then quickly looked away. Though she wanted to march up and question him, she knew the response she’d get—much like the locksmith.

Bromley had told her when she reported how she’d finally managed to pull his report out of the scrambled data. She was tenacious about retrieving other people’s data from a puzzle of bits and pieces. She’d go to the moon for her clients. She could at least go one more step for herself. Energized by anger and determination, she pulled out that slip of paper Lucas had given her. He said she’d been the first so-called Offspring that he and his friends had contacted, which meant they hadn’t approached Bill Hammond.

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