A Popular Dictionary of Sikhism: Sikh Religion and by W. Owen Cole

By W. Owen Cole

This dictionary comprises lots of the phrases which are on the topic of Sikhism. even if not likely an introductory direction, through analyzing the definitions of such a lot of phrases within the Sikh vocabulary, one will get an concept of what the faith is all approximately, together with its relation to Islam and Hinduism, the 2 comparable faiths of India. The publication lists the key figures in Sikhism, an summary of the historical past of the faith, an inventory of the sacred books, theology and a basic evaluate of the philosophy, either within the creation and within the definitions itself. an exceptional relief for these attracted to the religion.

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Nadar, which he uses one hundred and fifteen times, may provide the clue to Guru Nanak’s concept of grace. This word of Arabic origin refers to the favourable glance bestowed by a superior on an inferior and can be used of the divine-human relationship. Sikhism speaks of God as Guru. One of the major actions of a guru is to initiate the disciple’s enlightenment by a glance which penetrates to the centre of his or her being. Darsan, from the Sanskrit darshan, is the word popularly used. It occurs forty-six times in Guru Nanak’s hymns.

He had been a member of the Dal Khalsa and leader of one of the misls but in his old age he devoted himself to making copies of the Guru Granth Sahib. In 1762 Ahmed Shah Abdali destroyed the Darbar Sahib. Baba Deep Singh announced his intention of liberating the site and rebuilding the temple. With his volunteer army he fought a battle at Guru ka bagh in Amritsar, and though mortally wounded in the neck, managed to reach the precincts of the Darbar Sahib. He died in 1757. Deg Teg Persian words meaning kettle and sword.

This, and the tendency not to eat beef, is to some extent a consequence of living in a predominantly Hindu culture but often the reason has also to do with ideas about healthy eating. The concept of pollution should have no place in arriving at a decision about vegetarianism. In gurdwaras only vegetarian food is served. Guru Nanak himself once said, ‘Only fools wrangle about eating or not eating meat’ (AG 1289). Union with God, which in his view, was unrelated to such matters, was what concerned him.

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