A -superharmonic functions and supersolutions of degenerate by Heinonen J., Kilpelftine T.

By Heinonen J., Kilpelftine T.

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Topics in Hyperplane Arrangements, Polytopes and Box-Splines (Universitext)

A number of mathematical components which have been constructed independently during the last 30 years are introduced jointly revolving round the computation of the variety of imperative issues in compatible households of polytopes. the matter is formulated right here when it comes to partition features and multivariate splines. In its easiest shape, the matter is to compute the variety of methods a given nonnegative integer should be expressed because the sum of h mounted optimistic integers.

Mathematical logic and applications. Proc.meeting, Kyoto, 1987

Those lawsuits comprise the papers offered on the good judgment assembly held on the learn Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto college, in the summertime of 1987. The assembly often coated the present learn in a number of components of mathematical good judgment and its functions in Japan. a number of lectures have been additionally provided by way of logicians from different nations, who visited Japan in the summertime of 1987.

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