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Although other ligands at titanium have not yet been tested, the results again demonstrate the principle of variable adjustment of carbanion selectivity by conversion into titanium reagents 21). Finally, a-deprotonated acyl silanes los) can be titanated with chlorotitanium triisophenoxide to form the corresponding titanium enolates which react erythro-selectively with aldehydes 14s). For example, the mixture of Z- and E-enolates derived from ethyl trimethylsilyl 49 Manfred T. Reetz ketone adds to benzaldehyde to afford a 92:8 mixture o f erythro and threo adducts.

This means that there is no simple way to prepare erythro aldols from cyclic ketones, since the enolates are geometrically fixed in the E geometry. We have prepared a number of titanium enolates by quenching the lithium analogs with chlorotitanium triisopropoxide 3, chloro- or bromotitanium tris(diethylamide) 15 or chlorotitanium tris(dimethylamide) 103 2s). In mqst cases the solutions can be freed from the ether or T H F and the stable liquid titanium enolates studied by N M R if so desired. In case of the amino derivative 186 flash distillation is possible.

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