After the Planners by Robert Goodman

By Robert Goodman

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The disastrous results of their efforts may not be intended by the planners (though 51 INTRODUCTION this fact doesn’t excuse them from responsibility for their mistakes). Rather, the results flow from their adherence to the conventions of a repressive social structure which is biased against the people their plans are supposed to serve. Many of those committed to this structure probably don’t see it in nearly as ideological terms as I have described. That people don’t view themselves working within so explicit an ideology, however, doesn’t contradict the fact that they do promote it through their actions.

Yet Wilmott and Young’s study of the effect of urban renewal on communities in the East End of London had been published in 1957, six years previously, and received wide publicity and comment. In addition, local authority welfare departments and government Social Security offices were receiving a steady stream of the recipients of such 'planned’ urban problem-solving, in every town and city where urban renewal was under­ taken. This view of the function of urban renewal still has much currency among professionals and politicians alike, and many urban-renewal schemes now going ahead or planned for the future have a large element of disruption built into them.

At the same time, through a deeply depart­ mentalized bureaucracy, the manifestations of need are separately dealt with at the expense of a coordinated attack on the causes. At the local level too, some hard questions appear to have been asked of the government services. At this level, however, rather more suggestions for reform have been forthcoming. The implications are clear. Public dissatisfaction with government and public services is most felt at their point of contact. Therefore piecemeal reform at the periphery of public contact - the local level - neutralizes the demand for more fundamental structural changes.

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