Air Pollution by M N Rao

By M N Rao

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Hence, the process is sometimes called reverse current cleaning or anodic cleaning. A wide variety of metals and alloys can be electropolished, they include: aluminium, stainless steels, brass, copper and nickel-silver. Polishing solutions are genereally based on phosphoric acid and are used at a current density -15 to 80 amp/dm2. electrostatic fluidised-bed coating. A fluidised-bed method of coating parts with plastic/ polymer. c. high voltage electrode is used to electrostatically charge polymer powder particles which become attracted to the electrically grounded surfaces of the objects being treated.

Any process that produces a surface enriched in another element through solid state diffusion and (usually) resulting in the formation of intermetallic or interstitial compounds. Processes include aluminising, bonding, chromising, sherardising, siliconising and vanadising. By convention, it specifically excludes carburising, carbonitriding, nitriding, and nitrocarburising. diffusion metallising. 'Thermochemical treatment involving the enrichment of the surface layer of an object with one or more metallic element' - IFHT DEFINITION.

Also see concentration profile. diffusion wear. A term first invoked by Trent and Loladze in the 1950s, to account for the rake face cratering of cemented carbide cutting tools, observed after cutting plain carbon and low alloy steels at relatively high speed (>100m/min). Other workers have termed this effect 'dissolution/diffusion wear' or 'solution wear'. For cemented carbide tools, comprising WC-Co or WC-(W5TIJaJ^Jb)C-Co (termed 'straight grade' and 'steel cutting grade' carbides respectively), the WC grains become smoothly worn.

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