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Origami Insects 1

;Origami bugs 1 КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ Авторы: Fumiaki Kawahata, Seiji Nishikawa Название: Origami bugs 1 Серия: i like Origami Издательство: Gallery Origami apartment Год: 2000 Язык: японский Формат: DjVu Размер: 10,74 Мб Для сайта: www. mirknig. comКоллекция бумажных насекомых от известных мастеров оригами Fumiaki Kawahata и Seiji Nishikawa.

Story of the Vikings coloring book

Their contemporaries observed them as a adverse and hateful humans — faithless and vicious enemies of civilization. yet fresh proof accrued from archaeological ruins and a studied reappraisal in their achievements shows that the Vikings have been greater than only a seafaring, warrior humans. They practiced a disciplined and established lifestyle, and have been sure via a strict code of honor.

Tinkering: Kids Learn by Making Stuff

After-school and out-of-school programs--as good as domestic schooling--have been starting to be progressively for almost a decade, yet teachers are nonetheless looking for high-interest content material that ties into technological know-how criteria with out the stress of present school room canon. the writer attracts on greater than twenty years of expertise doing hands-on technological know-how to facilitate tinkering: studying technological know-how whereas being silly with genuine issues.

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By pulling the end the knot is readily released. THE SHEEPSHANK This knot is used to shorten a rope. Take up the amount of rope to be shortened and make a half hitch around each bend as shown. If the knot is to be permanent the ends above each half hitch should be lashed. THE CLOVE HITCH A useful knot for quick tying and easy release. It is used in making fast the bow line of a boat coming into a wharf, in lashing poles together, etc. Hold the standing-part in the left hand and pass the rope around the pole or stake; cross the standing-part, making a second turn around the pole, and pass the end under the last turn.

When the wind blows right across the water, fish with your back to the wind, as you will not only be able to throw your line better, but the fish will be on that side, attracted thither by the flies and other natural bait which the wind will blow into it. FISHERMAN BROOK TROUT SALMON FISHING GEAR Fishing Rods—At any place where fishingtackle is sold, you can get rods of various lengths and fashions. The rod should, when put together, taper gradually from the butt end to the top, and be perfectly straight and even.

THE LONG BOW AND ITS USE The bow and arrows are older than any records of history. Even the most ancient inscriptions give us no clue to their invention. Nearly all the savage tribes of men of every country and time have possessed the bow as a weapon handed down through countless generations from an unknown date. The ancient Egyptians were archers, so were the Parthians, the Scythians and Carduchians, as well as the more savage peoples of Europe and Southern Africa. When Columbus discovered America, the wild men of our forests were armed with bows and arrows of sufficient power and workmanship to render them quite deadly weapons, and the research of archeologists has disclosed the fact that for unknown ages before the time of Columbus, stone arrowheads were used by tribes probably long extinct when he made his discovery.

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