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YES TEST: No. 3 - CHECK CONNECTION TO RPM SIGNAL (CU PIN 1) Set ~multimeter to 200 Ohm FS. ,a E l e c t r o n i c C U connecter discon- I I Checb wiring continuity between pin NO 1 of CU connecter and and terminal terminal 11 of of u Restore Restore wiring. wiring. ignitibn coil. t-d (ES TEST No. 4 PA333500883300 May 1 9 8 8 COMPLETE CAR ,’ TEST Ntj. 4 - CHECK ON MIN. & MAX. S. Insert multimeter probes between CU connecter pin 15 and ground. NO Check setting and efficiency of minimum opening switch.

In’ 10 minutes). This procedure is valid for electronic injection i -78 engines with catalytic convertor pnly. 7 mm Hz0 d. i. Repeat test as per steps c. and d. to check that diagnosis is correct and repair is efficient. If within 10 minutes the pressure drop exceéds this value, locate leak spreading pipes with suds or using gas detectorl This procedure is to be effected when reaching the km stated on “Chart of Vehicle Ma,intenance Operations”,and if the foll,owing symptoms occur: 1. At end of whole procedure, road test for about 30 minutes and then make a final test to be sure of system integrity.

Disconnect CU connecter. - Checkcontinuity between wiring sidesconnector pin 13 and lambda probe oonnection point. NO ti Restore wiring. END OF ELECTRIWELECTRONIC TROUliLESHOOTING ~ If test tesults were positive, but fault still remains, t r y r e p l a c i n g i n t h e order: ~ - CU! 3513 October 1988 ‘T,HE EN~INE ~TART wtTti BIFFICULT? c(ogged filter and fuel ~ WITH COLD ENGINE , ~8 Check functiona’lity of extra air valve. With cold engine, 2 mins. after ignition throttle extra ‘air valve pipe and verify that RPMs at minimum diminish noti- Replace extra’air valve.

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