Algèbre et géométrie, 2e année : Cours et exercices avec by François Liret Dominique Martinais

By François Liret Dominique Martinais

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Performing in a circus. Meeting a famous astronaut. Creating Your ‘Masterpiece’ WORKSHEET 37 Lesson 16 ‘The film of familiarity which blinds us all from the wonder of our being’ (Wordsworth) Key skills 1. Developing powers of observation. 2. Writing to describe in very close detail. Starter activity ◆ Ask students to write down a list of ten everyday activities which are repeated every day almost without thinking. For example: tying up shoelaces; opening a letter received in the post . . The Extraordinary Hidden Within the Ordinary Main phase Part 1 1.

Students to design and produce that advert and then write a commentary which explains how the language of the advert persuades readers to become interested in the service offered. Teacher’s Notes 44 Part 1 The Balmoral Restaurant The food was basic, not at all exciting. The décor was faded yellows and greens. The service was friendly enough but perhaps a little slow. The Balmoral Restaurant could only really be called ‘mediocre’. So why was it that on a Friday morning so many customers queued up to come in?

Write a poem about them. Imagine you are on holiday in Spain. It is evening and you are walking on the prom by the beach. Artists have produced dozens of fantastically intricate sand sculptures of everything from angels to monsters complete with tiny details. You admire them and think they are great. Then you realize that overnight the sea will come in and wash them all away. Write a poem about your thoughts and feelings. Part 2 Task: Imagine that you are a tourist and you see a donkey which has been loaded up with various materials to carry.

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