An analysis of Christian origins by Georges Ory

By Georges Ory

Translation of examine des origines chrétiennes

Translated through Paul Davidson

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My prestige is that of an informed layman who has
devoted decades to review the literature touching on
Christian origins and early Christianity. This enterprise
would maybe be the similar of acquiring educational
degrees within the box. notwithstanding, i don't have the
imprimatur of the students within the institution.
Moreover, i've been resulted in conclusions that extensively
challenge the doctrines and positions of the hot
Testament institution, as is obvious from the
content of this ebook.

- Harold Leidner, writer

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We find traces of this in the Epistles and in Acts. We know how and by what compromises Jewish Christianity finally triumphed. ] 50 To provide justification, the Jewish Christians went looking in Josephus for written information that would confirm their tradition. The events that they claimed to report had taken place at least two generations earlier; they would have lacked greater certainty about dates and places, but happily, they had in Josephus an undeniable witness from which they could extract the essential details they were missing.

The most recent prophets (Ezekiel, Second Isaiah, and Malachi) were ignorant of the Messiah’s Davidic origin. 47 Mohammed did not know of the virgin birth by Mary and God. 14) tells us that the birth of Jesus took place under king Herod. Similarly, the Gospel of the Ebionites situates the activity of John the Baptist near the Jordan in the time of Herod king of Judea. Now, there were two king Herods: Herod the Great who reigned between 40 and 4 before the Christian era, and Herod Agrippa I who reigned between the years 37 and 43 of our era.

Not all Christians thought highly of this miraculous “conception” and supposed that the father of Jesus was Joseph, but that at a certain point the divine spirit had entered into the body of the child. Others imagined that the spirit only descended upon Jesus at the moment of his baptism at the age of about thirty. Where could this “spiritual” sonship of Jesus come from? Certainly not from countries that speak Hebrew or Aramaic, because in these languages, the word “Spirit” (Ruach, Ruchâ) was feminine, and such a spirit could not by nature impregnate Mary.

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