An unforgettable lady by Jessica Bird

By Jessica Bird

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In that red dress, she looked enticing as hell—that’s what she looked like. The harsh laugh came again. “Good. ” “Why don’t we sit down,” he said, abruptly. ” Those graceful shoulders moved back and he waited for her to fight him. She would no sooner admit she was tired than she’d let out the fear she was holding in so tightly. But instead of arguing, she settled behind a large desk and he took a seat across from her. He waited for her to speak again, waited for her to formally ask the question he was prepared to answer.

She looked elegant and composed, just like a Hall should be. Good thing no one knew the truth. She had indigestion, thanks to having eaten tic tacs and three old Fig Newtons for lunch. The beginning of a headache was digging in at her temples, her left foot had AN UNFORGETTABLE LADY 39 a blister on it from the new pair of Jimmy Choos she was wearing, and her bra had a little rough spot under the clasp in back that was irritating her no end. She was coming out of the bathroom when her cell phone rang.

She should just tell him to go, as she’d planned to, as she would have if there was a stranger sitting in that chair. He was a stranger, she reminded herself. ” When she paused, his eyebrow rose. “I mean, I don’t think you can help me. ” As she tripped over her words, she wondered where in the hell her head was. Probably down the same black hole her life had fallen into. “I can reimburse you for your travel up here,” she added quickly. “I’m sure of that,” he drawled, looking back down at her rings.

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