Analogue Computing Methods by D. Welbourne and P. Hammond (Auth.)

By D. Welbourne and P. Hammond (Auth.)

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Using transistor amplifiers, several multipliers have been built of very similar performance to the crossed field cathode ray tube multiplier already described. QUARTER-SQUARE MULTIPLIERS The quarter-square multiplier depends on the relation xy = H ( * + } 0 2 - ( x - } 0 2 } for its operation. If the squares of the sum and the difference of the inputs Vx and Vy can be formed, a subtraction will give the product. Passive circuits can be constructed to perform the squaring from diode circuits which will be described later.

Therefore V0 = -M(N+l)Vg-MVd. c. c. amplifying stage. c. c. stage alone. c. amplifier is given in Fig. 9. c. c. amplifier output going to the grid of the other valve of the pair. The output stage is a cathode follower, which can give up to 10 mA without distortion in the range +100 to — 100V at an output impedance of 1000 Ω or so. This impedance is reduced to the order of a milliohm by the high negative feedback introduced by the external feedback component. The presence of the synchronous chopper relay circuit introduces noise at the chopper frequency.

The motor will turn until it has reduced the amplifier input Vx-Vs to zero. The potentiometers are then positioned at a proportion 40 ANALOGUE COMPUTING METHODS VJ100 of their travel, and the sliders of the ganged potentiometers will, when suitably loaded, reproduce this proportion of the voltage across them. Thus we obtain the product in the form Vx Vyl 100 from an output amplifier whose input resistor matches the inputs to the multiplier drive amplifier. Conventional symbols are shown in the figure.

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