Antiquity and Social Reform: Religious Experience in the by Dawn Hutchinson

By Dawn Hutchinson

Even though non secular innovation in the USA traditionally has been the norm instead of the exception, mainstream american citizens have usually considered new spiritual routine with suspicion and sometimes with outright alarm. The query motivating many reports of latest spiritual hobbies has been 'why could somebody sign up for those religions'? In 'Antiquity and Social Reform', sunrise Hutchinson bargains no less than one solution to this usually repeated question. She argues that fans of latest spiritual events within the 1960s-1980s, particularly the Unification Church, Feminist Wicca and the state of Yahweh, thought of those religions to be valid simply because they provided participants a private non secular event, a connection to an historic culture, and company in enhancing their global. using an old procedure, 'Antiquity and Social Reform' considers the conversion narratives of adherents and first literature of the adolescence of those activities, which demonstrates that the non secular reports of the adherents and a resonance with the ambitions of those religions propelled participants into social motion.

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Declared that the Unification Church was not a Christian Church and must be denied membership in the New York Council of Churches because: Its doctrine of the nature of the trinity is erroneous; its Christology is incompatible with Christian teaching and belief; and its teaching on salvation and the means of grace is inadequate and faulty. 122 The Churches of Christ denomination conducted the study of the Unification Church. This commission was concerned with distancing the Unification Church from Christianity because it felt that Unification Church doctrine was not compatible with traditional Christian teachings.

We know that is not Reverend Moon’s message, nor his purpose. Our task is to revitalize World Christianity, to widen its embrace so that we include all religions, as well as all nations and races. The Kingdom of God, toward which all of humanity is moving, will certainly not be exclusively for Christians, or Westerners, or Unificationists. In a sense, we are doing in a modern movement what Jesus intended for all his followers: that they reach out to all the world. 115 While adherents in the 1970s felt that they could be loyal both to Christianity and the Unification Church, they felt that Moon’s movement was the next step.

It then shows that the Unification Church’s conservative and Christian restoration rhetoric attracted new members. This chapter then proceeds to argue that the Unification Church appealed to its potential adherents because it offered them an explanation for Christianity’s failure in America, a personal religious experience, and the possibility of restoring Christianity in order to end what they believed to be the moral chaos engulfing American society. Existing Scholarship on the Unification Church Most extant scholarship on the Unification Church focuses on its status as an alternative or new religious movement.

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