Aromatic and Heteroatomic Chemistry Volume 7

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Recent Developments in Carbocation and Onium Ion Chemistry (Acs Symposium Series 965)

The quantity is a set of twenty-two chapters written via prime specialists and lively researchers within the box targeting numerous features of carbocation and onium ion chemistry. those contain strong ion NMR stories, solvolytic and kinetic reviews, computational paintings, and synthetic/preparative facets.

Organometallics and Related Molecules for Energy Conversion

This ebook offers a severe standpoint of the purposes of organometallic compounds (including people with steel or metalloid parts) and different similar steel complexes as flexible sensible fabrics within the transformation of sunshine into electrical energy (solar power conversion) and electrical energy into mild (light iteration in gentle emitting diode), reduce carbon dioxide to helpful chemical substances, in addition to within the secure and effective construction and usage of hydrogen, which serves as an strength garage medium (i.

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1977, 14, 745. 68 1844 1 (129) (130) Reactions. ” Anodic methoxylation of 2-(2-thienylmethyl)-furan yields a mixture of geometrically isomeric adducts 63 H. Duerr and H. J. Ahr, Tetrahedron Letters, 1977,1991. 64 J. Bachelet, P. Demerseman, and R. Royer, J. , 1977,14,1409. G. Choudhry, G. Sundstrorn, F. W. M. Van der Wielen, and 0. Hutzinger, Chemosphere, 65 66 67 68 69 ’O 1977,6,327;( b ) A. Norstrorn, K. Anderson, and C. , p. 241. V. V. N. Zhukovskaya, V. V. Tkachenko, and G. N. Dorofeenko, Khim.

1977,42,3717. lZ3 lZs M. Novi, F. Sancassan, G. Guanti. C. Dell'Erba, and G. Leandri, Chimica e Industria, 1977,59,299. H. Herrmann, and G. A. Hoyer, Chem. , 1978,111,770. K. Kobayashi and K. Mutai, Chem. Letters, 1977,1149. l~~ Unlike open-chain a@-unsaturatedsulphones, it does not form the corresponding epoxide when treated with hydroperoxide anion, but instead yields the ketone (254); 3-substituted benzothiophen dioxides (253; R = Me, Et, or Ph) give alcohols (255) in this r e a ~ t i 0 n . l ~ ’ 0 2 0 2 (253) 0 2 (254) (255) The combined action of maleic anhydride and chloranil o n 2,2’-bibenzothiophen (256) leads to the benzothienodibenzothiophen (257).

Adam and I. Erden, Angew. Chem. Internat. , 1978,17, 210. '"M. N. Paddon-Row, H. K. Patney, and R. N. Warrener, Austral. J. , 1977,30,2307. D. Copland, D. Leaver, and W. B. Menzies, Tetrahedron Letters, 1977, 639. 24 Ph J-Jco2. 25Indenone (42) is conveniently prepared by heating the sulphoxide (41);26 2,3-diphenylindenones (43; R = H, Me, Cl, OMe, or NHAc) are produced in low yields by 0 c@o 22 23 24 '' 26 c CI S. E. Reiter, L. C. Dunn, and K. N. Houk, J. Amer. Chem. , 1977,99,4199. C. Jutz, H.

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