As Simple As Hunger by D Des Anges

By D Des Anges

Non-occult engineer Hajar Al-Fihri is set to discover herself dragged right into a international of intrigue, secret, exploding ornithopters, clever parasites, and a few Very huge Arthropods. straight away her in basic terms challenge is that her colleague and buddy Benjon is, possibly, approximately to assert "fuck" at the instant back, yet that chuffed scenario can't final. this can be, simply, the fable fiction saxonpunk universe with immense insects and zeppelin towns to finish all delusion fiction saxonpunk universes with gigantic insects and zeppelin towns.

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Time to cast: 10 seconds. Prerequisite: Heat or Freeze. Item: Staff, wand or jewelry. Cost to create: 300 energy - $100 shell materials. Ice Vision Regular Enables the subject to see through solid ice or piled snow - to sec caves, entombed victims, the ground or water beneath the ice, etc. Snow and uncut ice (up to 50 yards thick) are transparent to the subject, wherever he looks. No type of earth, mineral or metal is transparent, nor is cut ice. Duration: 30 seconds. Cost: 2 per 10 yards of depth to cast; the same to maintain.

Triple cost to pass through metal. Prerequisite: Shape Stone. Item: Gray-colored cloak or silver jewelry; works on wearer only. 200. SPELL LIST Earth to Stone Regular Turns an item made of earth or clay into hard stone (but not gemstone). Duration: Permanent. ; 5 for a larger item up to 1 hex, plus 5 more for each additional hex. Prerequisites: Magery, Shape Earth. Item: Staff, wand or jewelry. Energy cost to create: 300. Stone to Earth Regular Turns any kind of stone (including gemstone) into simple earth.

Anywhere a “hex” of air is indicated, it may be assumed to be a volume of air 1 hex by 6 feet, composed of normal breathing air at 1 atmosphere of pressure. Purify Air Area This is the basic Air spell. It removes all impurities from the air in the subject hex. This spell is often used to neutralize the effects of poisonous gas or vapors. Note that a room full of smoke may safely be purified one section at a time - but truly deadly vapors must all be removed at once, or some may escape. This spell will also turn old “stale” air into fresh breathable air.

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