Atlas of Acupuncture by Claudia Focks

By Claudia Focks

This excellently designed Atlas of Acupuncture is straightforward to entry and offers transparent details at the complete diversity of acupuncture issues and major channels in a scientific and transparent approach. each one of those issues mix anatomical drawings and images of floor anatomy. This acupuncture atlas not just presents newcomers with an summary of an important acupuncture issues, yet skilled practitioners may also find out about seldom used acupuncture issues and hence expand their knowledge.

transparent details at the complete diversity of acupuncture issues and major channels in a scientific and transparent way
every one element combines anatomical drawings and pictures of floor anatomy
appealing two-colour design
hugely illustrated

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The sun luo further divide into the more superficial fu luo. The fu luo again divide horizontally into small branches called the xue luo (blood vessel network). Pathogenic factors tend to enter the body through the superficial luo-connecting vessels. By the same token, disorders such as Qi or Blood stagnation in a primary channel or an Organ may manifest in the xue luo as skin discolorations, spider veins, etc. Clinical importance The luo-connecting vessels can be accessed through superficial needling techniques as well as skin-sensitising techniques such as plum blossom needling, bloodletting, cupping, gua sha and moxibustion.

2 is located anterior to this notch. 26) Inferior to the earlobe and the ear canal is a depression, which is bordered posteriorly by the mastoid process and anteriorly by the lower jaw. The lower border is formed by the transverse process of the 1st cervical vertebra (atlas). -17 is located in this depression. -17 Transverse process of the atlas Tragus Intertragic notch Ex-HN (anmian) Border between the auricle and the face (➞ Fig. -12 The border between the auricle and the temple/cheek generally forms a more or less vertical line, which will become more clearly defined by bending the auricle and tragus towards the anterior.

This will make the tendons more visible (➞ Fig. -6 (➞ Fig. -4, ask the patient to press his/her thumb and index finger together. -4 is located on its highest point (➞ Fig. 8). 9). ● As the palpating finger glides along the skin, the skin bulge forming in front of it will ‘arrest’ the finger at the point to be located. -5 or P-6 (➞ Fig. 10). -4 Highest point of the muscle bulge Fig. 8 Initial position: pronation Halfsupination Distal part of the styloid process of the ulna Palpating finger slides into the bony cleft Fig.

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