Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls and Dresses by Marta K. Krebs

By Marta K. Krebs

Reprinted from an extraordinary unique version released by means of The Saalfield Publishing corporation in 1937, this quantity comprises 11-inch-tall dolls and sixteen beautiful full-color costumes: red-and-white windowpane-checked sundress, brown using breeches, pleated orange celebration costume with red bows, a neatly belted off-white sunsuit, and a couple of red pajamas with cap sleeves, trimmed in blue. As a distinct additional characteristic, black-and-white photographic insets on every one dress web page convey Shirley donning the unique clothes copied through the artist for this collection.
Complementing the cute moppet's cloth cabinet are quite a few interval playthings and components — toy horse and long-eared pooch, hats, handbags, jack-in-the-box, toy soldier, and extra. Shirley Temple lovers will locate this quantity a treasure chest of wealthy stories; paper doll lovers and kids of every age can look ahead to hours of fun-filled entertainment.

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