Battlefield of the Future (21st Century Warfare Issues, Air by Barry R. Schneider, Lawrence E. Grinter,

By Barry R. Schneider, Lawrence E. Grinter,

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45 THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK Chapter 2 New-Era Warfare Gen Charles A. ) In the twenty-first century we are going to confront increasingly the threat of ballistic missiles and the need for ballistic-missile defenses . The threats posed by ballistic missiles are obvious . Many nations now have them, and not all those nations are hightech. There is also no doubt about the fact that the capabilities of ballistic missiles are increasing. Former CIA Director Woolsey, for example, noted that North Korea has developed three new ballistic missiles.

Other technologies enhance this delivery capability, such as our Global Positioning System (GPS), which gives nations the ability to target with some degree of accuracy without having to go through the same costly and intense development that we had to go through to get that system operational . There are also 48 NEW-ERA WARFARE many nations that are willing to use ballistic missiles . Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan are all examples . We've seen testing on the part of Vietnam, Korea, and Syria, and they are seen as necessary for defense by countries such as Saudi Arabia and Israel .

41 BATTLEFIELD OF THE FUTURE 44. Gen Robert H. S. Army in the Gulf War (Fort Leavenworth, Kansas : US Army Command and General Staff College Press, 1994), 378 . 45. , 376 . 46. Warden, 328 . 47. "Force XXI Operations," 3-21 . 48. Warden, 329-30 . 49. Ibid. 50. Mann, 38. 51 . John I. Alger, The Quest for Victory : The History of the Principles of War (Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1982) . Alger drew on the military writings of thinkers such as Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Jomini, Mahan, Rocquancourt, Steele, MacDougall, Liddell Hart, Mao Tse-tung, Montgomery, as well as the British army, French army, German army, and US Army and Air Force in compiling his list of principles of war.

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