Betrayal (Bestseller Romance) by Charlotte Lamb

By Charlotte Lamb

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Oh, I think it's pretty good,' she said, so loudly hat Mrs Telford would have had to be deaf to avoid hearing. ' Cathy eyed her derisively and she looked away, then went on hurriedly; 'You know that redhead n the typists pool? ' 'Yes,' Cathy said patiently. 'Her sister's a nurse at St Andrew's—she lives in he nurses' home, the one down by the river near the bridge 'I know where you mean,' Cathy said, poised to leave and wondering when they were going to get to the point of the story. Whatever it was, it seemed to be exciting Carol a good deal, her eyes were fever-bright and she was speaking breathlessly.

You look fantastic in that dress,' he said. ' She had chosen the dress with some care a few weeks back, for a dinner party. The softly ruched collar flared out from the low neckline with all the romantic glamour of a Victorian evening dress and was matched by the very tight, small waist and spreading, rustling skirts which fell to her feet. Mrs Telford had raised her eyebrows, pointing out that the vivid red of the material was a risky colour for a blonde, but once she had seen Cathy in it she had changed her mind.

They kissed, eyes closed, bodies straining towards each other as if to dissolve one into the other, and Cathy shuddered with excitement and passion. It hurt when Muir reluctantly detached himself and looked down at her, breathing thickly, a dark red stain along the high angle of his cheekbones. ' His voice was unsteady, but it carried that smile which made her heart turn over. If she had felt nothing but this deep-burning sensual awareness it would not have been so dangerous—what frightened her was that desire for Muir came hand in hand with such real warmth.

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