Bioactive Natural Products (Part O) by Atta-ur-Rahman (Eds.)

By Atta-ur-Rahman (Eds.)

This quantity offers frontier studies on contemporary advancements on bioactive common items in state-of-the-art components via eminent specialists of their respective fields. it really is a necessary addition to this crucial sequence on traditional items Chemistry, more often than not stated to be the prime sequence in this subject. . the 1st seven studies conceal contemporary advancements within the box of bioactive marine ordinary items. . extra assurance comprises Novel Domino reactions; medicinal vegetation and phytochemicals; contemporary advancements in bioactive average peptides; the chemistry and pharmacology of usual cyclic lipopeptides; and the organic actions of Salvia . . The textual content contains a entire overview of biologically lively compounds of semi-metals resembling boron, silicon, arsenic, selenium and tellurium.

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