Biological Spectroscopy by Iain D. Campbell

By Iain D. Campbell

E-book by means of Campbell, Iain D., Dwek, Raymond A.

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Setups similar to that in Fig. 7 were constructed also in LBL, Berkeley [31] and in JAERI, Tokai [32]. That built in Radiochemistry Center, Dresden [33] allows column temperatures as high as 1,300 K; reclustering is omitted, and the exiting gas hits a cooled spot on the surface of a stepping wheel to deposit the tracer, like in Ref. [23]. Sample transactinoid data obtained by the Swiss group are presented in Fig. 8. The team pioneered the use of HCl, HBr, Cl2 and Br2 as the reagents. To date, with installations for isothermal chromatography, the above groups have reported adsorption studies of halides or oxohalides of rutherfordium [32, 34, 35], dubnium [36], seaborgium [37] and bohrium [38].

The target chamber was kept at different temperatures, not higher than 180 ◦ C. The gas passed the distance from the target to a trap in about 15 seconds, and absorbed the Fig. 2 First simulation of the fast on-line radiochemical method for heavy metals [5]. Adapted from Radiokhimiya, 8(1), Zvara I, Zvarova TS, Krivanek M, Chuburkov YuT Regularities in formation of volatile chlorides of 97 Zr and 101,102 Mo, 77–84, c 1966 with permission from Academizdat “Nauka” Publishers. 2 Techniques for Isolation of Short-lived Accelerator Produced Nuclides 5 carrier and the transported activities.

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