BlackMoon Reaper by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

By Charlotte Boyett-Compo

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The Reaper saw red and the tint began to form in his amber eyes. “How ’bout I don’t pay you one cent? ” Watching the crimson glow pulsing from the lawman’s narrowed gaze was enough to put the fear of the gods in the desk clerk and he stumbled back, putting a hand up to ward off the coming fury. ” he stammered. ” “Then get that bath ready. ” It was unusual for Phelan to behave in that manner and it shamed him. He knew the Shadowlords would chastise him for scaring the desk clerk, but at that moment he didn’t give a damn.

Because they’ve reopened the mines, milord,” Gerard replied. “Came across a big vein of rubies and sapphires up that way at a place they’ve taken to calling Gemrow. ” He lowered his voice. ” “I get the drift, aye,” Phelan said with a twitch of his lips. “Anyways, Miss Lucy named her place The Ruby Load and brought in about twelve right pretty gals who know their profession. She has a man who sees to the security of the bawds and a gang of ruffians who keep the miners in line. They say her bar is the best this side of the Big Muddy and the food ain’t half bad.

The smell of cabbage was stronger as he passed the kitchen and the odor made his stomach roil. He glanced in the cooking room as he went by. An old black woman dipped a curtsey to him and he tipped his hat to her. “Don’t eat here, milord,” she said to him. “Food ain’t fit for humans. ” He stepped into the kitchen. “I appreciate the warning, milady,” he told her. ” “Weevils in the flour,” she explained. “Meat is stringy and dry. ” Phelan asked. “Aye, he does, milord, but that ain’t the worst of it.

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