Blood Autumn by Kathryn Ptacek

By Kathryn Ptacek

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Tate shrugged. ” “Not all of us,” Clay mumbled under his breath. Brent glanced at him. ” Clay groaned. ” “You both smell like wolves to me. As for your mother, we don’t know yet what will happen with her. ” Tate glanced at his brother, then Brent. ” Clay pointed at the star on Brent’s shirt. He sounded surly and not really interested, but it was obvious he wanted to change the conversation from wolves, so Brent let him ... for now. ” Clay scoffed. ” Brent laughed. “No, I don’t free little animals from traps.

Now she was sure of it. His tongue traced up one side of her slit, then down the other, leaving a trail of moisture that he blew on to torture her further. She moaned. ” “Fuck this! I can’t ... I tried, but ... ” He covered her with his mouth, flicking his tongue into her opening, lapping and sucking deeply. A groan of pure unadulterated pleasure poured from him into her cunt. Rhett’s eyes snapped open to watch. His beautiful green orbs held her gaze as he fucked her with his tongue. Her inner muscles clenched, and she felt her orgasm building, tingling up her spine.

Damn! That hadn’t gone well at all. But to be perfectly honest, she’d never thought it would. She knew him well enough to know he was going to have to get some of the anger and hurt out before he’d listen. At least she hoped that was the case. She needed his help, and she needed him to listen to her. Surely, he hadn’t changed that much. Then a sudden realization struck her as funny, and she giggled. They were acting as if nothing had happened, as if there hadn’t been a separation of well over a decade between them.

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