Catalytic Activation of Carbon Monoxide by Peter C., Ford

By Peter C., Ford

content material: Activation of carbon monoxide through carbon and oxygen coordination : Lewis acid and proton triggered aid of carbon monoxide / D.F. Shriver --
Experimental and theoretical reports of mechanisms within the homogeneous catalytic activation of carbon monoxide / H.M. Feder, J.W. Rathke, M.J. Chen, and L.A. Curtiss --
Heterobimetallic carbon monoxide hydrogenation : hydrogen move to coordinated acyls : the molecular constitution of (C₅H₅)₂Re[(C₅H₅)₂ZrCH₃](OCHCH₃) / John A. Marsella, John C. Huffman, and Kenneth G. Caulton --
strange carbon monoxide activation, relief, and homologation reactions of 5f-element organometallics --
The chemistry of carbene-like dihaptoacyls / Paul J. Fagan, Eric A. Maatta, and Tobin J. Marks --
Chemistry of the water fuel shift response catalyzed by means of rhodium complexes / T. Yoshida, T. Okano, and Sei Otsuka --
The water fuel shift response as catalyzed by way of ruthenium carbonyl in acidic suggestions / Peter C. Ford, Paul Yarrow, and Haim Cohen --
the significance of reactions of oxygen bases with steel carbonyl derivatives in catalysis : homogeneous catalysis of the water fuel shift response / Donald J. Darensbourg and Andrzej Rokicki --
Homogeneous catalysis of the water gasoline shift response utilizing basic mononuclear carbonyls / R.B. King, A.D. King, Jr., and D.B. Yang --
Homogeneous catalytic aid of benzaldehyde with carbon monoxide and water : functions of the water gasoline shift response / William J. Thomson and Richard M. Laine --
Electrophile-induced disproportionation of the impartial formyl ([eta]-C₅H₅)Re(NO)(PPh₃)(CHO) : isolation and homes of the rhenium methylidene [([eta]-C₅H₅)Re(NO)(PPh₃)(CH₂)]PF₆⁻ / J.A. Gladysz, William A. Kiel, Gong-Yu Lin, Wai-Kwok Wong, and Wilson Tam --
Hydrocarbon formation on polymer-supported [eta]⁵-cyclopentadienyl cobalt / Linda S. Benner, Patrick Perkins, and okay. Peter C. Vollhardt --
Chain-length regulate within the conversion of syngas over carbonyl compounds anchored right into a zeolite matrix / D. Ballivet-Tkatchenko, N.D. Chau, H. Mozzanega, M.C. Roux, and that i. Tkatchenko --
Hydrogenation of carbon monoxide on alumina-supported metals : a tunneling spectroscopy research / R.M. Kroeker, P.K. Hansma, and W.C. Kaska --
Hydrogenation of carbon monoxide to methanol and ethylene glycol by way of homogeneous ruthenium catalysts / B. Duane Dombek --
Syngas homologation of aliphatic carboxylic acids / John F. Knifton --
Decarbonylation of aldehydes utilizing ruthenium(II) porphyrin catalysts / G. Domazetis, B.R. James, B. Tarpey, and D. Dolphin --
Reactions of ([eta]-C₅H₅)₂NbH₃ with steel carbonyls : selective relief of carbon monoxide to ethane / J.A. Labinger and K.S. Wong --
Formation of hydrocarbons by way of hydridic aid of carbon monoxide on Cp₂Fe₂(CO)₄ / Andrew Wong and Jim D. Atwood --
Selective conversion of carbonyl ligands on ([eta]₅-C₅H₅)Fe(CO)₃⁺ to C₂ natural compounds / Alan Cutler, Thomas Bodnar, Gene Coman, Stephen Lacroce, Carol Lambert, and Kevin Menard --
fragrant fuel from hydrogen/carbon monoxide over ruthenium/zeolite catalysts / T.J. Huang and W.O. Haag --
Mechanistic features of the homogeneous water fuel shift response / W.A.R. Slegeir, R.S. Sapienza, and B. Easterling.

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