Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: s-Triazines and

Chapter I Cyanuric Acid and Derivatives (pages 17–146):
Chapter II Alkyl(Aryl)?s?Triazines (pages 147–184):
Chapter III Monohydroxy, Hydroxyamino, Dihydroxy?s??Triazines and similar Compounds (pages 185–216):
Chapter IV Monoamino? and Diamino?s??Triazines (pages 217–268):
Chapter V Ammelide, Ammeline and comparable Compounds (pages 269–308):
Chapter VI Melamine and Substituted Melamines (pages 309–388):
Chapter VII Isocyanuric Acid and Derivatives (pages 389–422):
Chapter VIII Condensed Ring s?Triazine platforms (pages 423–472):
Chapter IX Hexahydro?s?Triazines (pages 473–544):
Chapter X Hexamethylenetetramine (pages 545–596):
Chapter XI S?Triazaborane and Its Derivatives (pages 597–626):

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98 H,NCOSCH,CONHC,H, A (111) K . Miscellaneous Preparations The following are brief descriptions of a few reactions which might be considered as minor or merely incidental preparations of cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid is a stable chemical entity. It is frequently obtained as the terminal reaction product of drastic oxidations, in pyrolytic decompositions, or in synthetic work where there is opportunity for formation of the s-triazine nucleus or for hydrolysis of already existing substituted triazines.

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126Its relatively high absorbtivity in neutral or weakly basic solutions is indicative of resonance among such forms as: Recent ultraviolet absorption spectra s t u d i e ~ ' ~have ~ ' ~shown ~ the isocyanuric or tri-keto structure to exist in acidic solutions, below pH 6. 5, and the mono-keto structure above pH 11. No spectra of the fully ionized form were obtained even in 4 N sodium hydroxide solution. These ionizations may be represented by : H H 0 T y o HN . NH 'I0f 3 -7- 0TyoHN + N + HN Y N 0 pH-11 N N Y -Y 0 pH=6-8 -qp-- q j o 0- ( Cyanuric Acid and Derivatives 35 Hughes has shown128 lucidly that the crystalline structure of cyanuric acid supports the is0 or keto form.

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