Dark Enchantment (Dark Magick, Book 3) by Anya Bast

By Anya Bast

Seduced in a dream through a good-looking, rugged guy, Charlotte Bennett makes a decision to enable excitement and hope lead the way-only to find her "safe evening of ardour has risky repercussions.

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Anyway, you should remember what it‘s like. You did it once upon a time, didn‘t you? When the fae were all incognito and underground? ‖ She almost missed a step. He stopped beside a big silver and black motorcycle in a small parking lot near the base of the tower. Unstrapping a helmet from the back, he tossed it to her. ‖ Then he swung his leg over the bike and sat down, looking at her expectantly. ‖ He nodded. ‖ A little thrill of anticipation went through her. She‘d never ridden on a motorcycle before.

Sheesh. No more fae-brewed beer for her.

She admired the piece of mahogany furniture, running her finger along the carved edge. ‖ Eian set the delicious-looking cheese near them and sank into a chair with a sigh, his own brownie-sized mug in hand. ‖ ―Thank you. Don‘t do it now, though, I‘m too old. And my children . ‖ He trailed off. ‖ Eian smacked his lips together and nodded. ‖ A silence fell over the room. It was like a living thing, the weight of the unsaid. She looked between Kieran and Eian, not sure what had just happened. Then Kieran raised his mug.

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