Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam: On Copia of Words and Ideas by Donald King;David Rix

By Donald King;David Rix

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Obsolete Words Unusual words are those which are used only rarely; archaic words, those taken from writings abandoned by posterity on account of their age, as those from the XII Tables, from Ennius, Lucilius, Naevius, and Pacuvius. Obsolete words are those that have vanished completely into disuse and oblivion. Anyone who tried to speak in that way now would 22 Horace Art of Poetry 70-71. 23 Cicero On the Orator i. 3. 12. 24 Quintilian viii. Pr. 25. Page 22 be ridiculous. I do not think there is any place for obsolete words, except in joking or irony.

8, 4. Page 12 have been devoted to more serious studies to an extent that there is lacking very much leisure to spend on these lesser ones, most useful to be sure to the former kind, indeed of the greatest use, but nevertheless minute in themselves. Chapter II By Whom Copia Was Developed and by Whom Practiced Further, lest anyone think this a modern device and to be disdained as lately born at our home, let him know that this method of diversifying speech is touched on lightly in a number of places by a very learned and likewise very diligent man, Quintilian,2 and that many noted Sophists showed the way to the advantages of condensing speech.

3 Quintilian iii. 1, 21. 4 Apuleius Prologue to On the God of Socrates 4. Page 13 Chapter III How Authors Have Indulged in a Display of Copia Moreover, the same authors, not only in school, but also in their serious work, sometimes indulged in a display of copia; while they at one time so compress a subject that you can take nothing away, at another, they so enrich and expand the same subject that you can add nothing to it. Homer, according to Quintilian,5 is equally admirable at bothnow copia, now brevity.

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