Engineering Measurements by Collet, C.V., Hope, A.D

By Collet, C.V., Hope, A.D

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This current is what causes the diode to emit light. + N - _ --- - -N -N - N - - - N N +++ +++ +++ Figure 2-7 LED On Circuit Electron Flow + + = N - - - - - - - - - The minus signs with the circles around them are used to show electrons flowing from the battery’s negative terminal to its positive terminal. Chapter #2: Lights On – Lights Off · Page 45 Chemical reactions inside the battery supply the circuit with current. The battery’s negative terminal contains a compound that has molecules with extra electrons (shown in Figure 2-7 by minus-signs).

4. What does an apostrophe at the beginning of a line of PBASIC program code signify? 5. What PBASIC commands did you learn in this chapter? 6. Let’s say you want to take a break from your BASIC Stamp project to go get a snack, or maybe you want to take a longer break and return to the project in a couple days. What should you always do before you take your break? Exercises 1. Explain what the asterisk does in this command: DEBUG DEC 7 * 11 Page 34 · What’s a Microcontroller? 2. Guess what the Debug Terminal would display if you ran this command: DEBUG DEC 7 + 11 3.

You are now ready to build the circuit shown in Figure 2-6 (below) by plugging the LED and resistor leads into sockets on the prototyping area. Follow these steps: √ √ √ √ √ Disconnect power from your Board of Education or HomeWork Board. Use Figure 2-4 to decide which lead is connected to the LED’s cathode. Look for the shorter lead and the flat spot on the plastic part of the LED. Plug the LED’s cathode into one of the black sockets labeled Vss on the prototyping area. Plug the LED’s anode (the other, longer lead) into the socket shown on the breadboard portion of the prototyping area.

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