French Activity Book by Stephanie Rybak (auth.)

By Stephanie Rybak (auth.)

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H. Are drinks included in the menu? . i. Where and by whom are the meals cooked? FOOD AND DRINK Exercise 6 Some (though not all) of these phrases belong in the gaps in the conversation below. Can you write in the correct ones? Moi, je prends quelques renseignements qulest-ee que elest que qu'est-ce que vous avez comme Le service est eompris? la earte des vins e'est de la viande? Serveur Client Serveur Client Serveur Messieurs-dames? Je voudrais ......................................................

There, you have St Paul's church on your right. You continue straight on and then you take the second on the left after the church - that is the rue Mazarin. Then it's the first on the right that's the rue Gilbert. We are 300 metres along on the left. DIRECTIONS 31 TIME Exercise 1 Can you put these events in chronological order? a. J'arrive au bureau vers neufheures moins le quart. b. Nous prenons le petit dejeuner cl huit heures mo ins dix. c. Les enfants vont cl l'ecole cl huit heures et demie.

What is the latest departure from Tours on a Saturday? c. 38? d. On what day of the week must 31 May have fallen in the year of this timetable? 52 MAKlNG TRA VEL ARRANGEMENTS Exercise 6 How would you ask these questions in French? a. 56 train run every day? b. Do you have the times for coming back from Caen? c. Is it necessary to change? d. 14 train arrive in Caen? e. Which platform is it? A TGV Sud-Est train in Annecy station MAKING TRA VEL ARRANGEMENTS 53 ANSWERS Exercise 1 a. Yes b. Sunday 5 July c.

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