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The economic penalty associated with providing and maintaining a reliable subharmonic source and injection equipment is a disadvantage. The major advantage of neutral injection schemes is that they provide 100% ground-fault protection independent of the 95% ground-fault protection schemes, including when the generator is on turning gear and during start-up. In addition, some of these injection schemes are self-monitoring and most have a sensitivity independent of load current, system voltage, and frequency.

O) Device 59T. This is an instantaneous overvoltage relay sensitive to the third harmonic component. p) Device 59X. This is an ac-operated, self-reset multicontact auxiliary relay. q) Device 86. This is a hand reset, multicontact, dc-operated auxiliary relay. r) Device 87. This is a conventional generator percentage differential relay. s) Device 87H. This is a high-impedance phase or ground differential relay: whose sensitivity is independent of the load current and requires no coordination with external relays and devices.

Resonant Grounding (Ground Fault Neutralizer) of a Unit Connected Generator,” IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems, vol. PAS-96, pp. 550-559, 1977. 101-1993 [B34] Tomlinson, H. , “Ground-Fault Neutralizer Grounding of Unit Connected Generators,” AIEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems, vol. 72, pt. III, pp. 953-966, Oct. 1953. 10-1990, American National Standard General Requirements for Synchronous Machines. 7 Voltage transformers [B36] IEEE Committee Report, “Potential Transformer Application on Unit Connected Generators,” IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems, vol.

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