Language Periphery: Monocollocable words in English, by František Čermák, Jan Čermák, Zora Obstová, Marie Vachková

By František Čermák, Jan Čermák, Zora Obstová, Marie Vachková

A full-length examine of monocollocable phrases, i.e. phrases whose utilization is critically limited to at least one or a couple of mixtures purely (such as English ado in without much/further ado), that brings jointly corpus-based info from the 4 languages besides reports analysing, alongside either basic and language-specific strains, monocollocable phrases when it comes to their frequency, lexical in addition to morphosyntactic behaviour, and numerous aspects in their peripheral prestige. all of the 4 langauges lined, particularly, English, Italian, German and Czech additionally deals a brief advent of the respective languages written in English, Italian, German and Czech. an extraordinary contribution to our wisdom of an as but little studied box, the booklet will allure the eye of, and stimulate a brand new curiosity in, all who're able to recognize that collocation is a middle phenomenon of language – lexicologists, lexicographers with a spotlight on phrasing, language typologists, linguists with a contrastive and ancient schedule, and language academics alike.

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Monocollocable words in English This is because the frequency of collocates itself is determined by a number of potential factors, such as a contextual ellipsis of the collocate or by the fact that, due to a fairly regular and straightforward syntactic transformation, the collocate in point will be found occupying a position too distant to appear in the corpus sample. In other words, our natural expectation that a fixed word combination of an idiomatic or terminological kind will be found with its member items placed as close to one another as possible often runs counter to the linguistic reality, due to a number of interfering factors (not all of the resulting structures that represent the corpus input will be found as easy to accommodate as, for example, English verbonominal constructions with a qualifying adjective, cf.

Thus, categories of nouns participating in verbonominal constructions (make headway) and multiword terms (stainless steel), adjectives in multiword terms (prime minister), adjectives and participles of various verbonominal constructions (feel obliged; plead guilty), and complex prepositions (in accordance with) seem to be well-established. In contrast to the other languages under scrutiny, collocations of foreign origin represent only a tiny minority of cases. 5. Suggestions for further research Apart from the obvious — using the results of the research into monocollocability for feedback to lexicography and language teaching — two paths seem to be particularly promising for further research: 1) a contrastive and typological perspective on monocollocables; and 2) analysis of monocollocability in the framework of language change.

In unserem mentalen Lexikon) verankert sind, weil auch in dieser Hinsicht in der Sprachentwicklung Neues entstehen kann (die Wendung frank und frei ist heute fast nie in flektierten Formen im attributiven Gebrauch anzutreffen). Diese Fragen sind nicht nur von theoretischem Interesse, sondern auch für die Bemühungen der korpusbasierten Lexikographie von Bedeutung, zumal diese zur Aufwertung des bestehenden Informationsangebots beitragen dürfte. Die Wörterbücher deuten die eingeschränkten Kollokationsmöglichkeiten nur noch vage an (z.

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