Lenin: A New Biography by Dmitri Volkogonov

By Dmitri Volkogonov

The distinct assistant to Boris Yeltsin notably alters the normal photograph of Lenin with a biography in line with mystery Soviet records, revealing the Founding Father as a merciless, totalitarian chief who used to be answerable for the worst excesses of the Soviet kingdom.

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Brodsky, 1921. 64 Lenin observing the testing of the first electric-driven plough, Moscow, 1921. 65 Stalin, Rykov, Kamenev and Zinoviev, Moscow, early 19205. (AP/ Wide World Photos) 66 Lenin and Stalin at Gorki, Lenin's country retreat. 67 Lenin and Krupskaya with Lenin's sister Anna, her son Viktor and the daughter of a local worker at Gorki, 1922. 68 Lenin in early August 1922. 69 Lenin and Krupskaya motoring around Gorki, August-September 1921. 70 Lenin and Krupskaya at Gorki with their telescope.

He has high cheekbones and slanting eyes … The dome of his forehead is broad and high, though not as exaggerated as it appears in foreshortened photographs … He has traces of hair on his temples, and his beard and moustache still show how much of a fiery redhead he was in his youth. His hands are large and ugly … I couldn't stop looking at his eyes … they are narrow; besides which he tends to screw them up, no doubt a habit of concealing short sight, and this, and the rapid glances beneath his eyebrows, gives him an occasional squint and perhaps a look of cunning.

3 June Arrested for ten days. 20 June Visits Krupskaya in exile in Ufa. 29 July Leaves Russia for Western Europe. 1901 Winter Socialist Revolutionary Party (PSR) founded. 1902 March Lenin's What is to Be Done? published. April-May Lenin in London. 1903 30 July-23 August Second Congress of RSDLP in Brussels and London. Bolshevik-Menshevik split. December Lenin resigns from Iskra. 1904 9 February Russo-Japanese war breaks out. 14 March Lenin resigns from Party Central Committee. 1905 22 January ‘Bloody Sunday’ in St Petersburg.

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