Lord Demon by Roger Zelazny, Jane Lindskold

By Roger Zelazny, Jane Lindskold

The nice wars among gods and demons begun 5 millennia ago--and ended with the demons' crushing defeat and banishment from their native land. The demon race may have without doubt perished within the empty measurement in their exile had they no longer came upon a mystery conduit to a secure and hidden plane... referred to as Earth.
Greatest one of the demons was once Kai Wren--the Godslayer and Lord Demon--a grasp swordsman, dreamer, and glassblower who can include whole universes in bottles of his production; a mythical warrior who as soon as, some time past, singlehandedly destroyed a god. yet now, Kai Wren needs to search vengeance for the homicide of his dedicated human servant, and he fears that this one demise heralds the crumbling of a peace that has reigned for 1000 years.
Forced right into a sequence of uncomfortable alliances, Kai Wren strives to maintain the Demon geographical regions. yet his center has turn into his deadly weak spot, transforming into delicate in the course of years of peace. He has given belief the place belief shouldn't be given, basically to find that between his closest partners are those that will betray him--even spoil him--unless he can regain that which as soon as made him Lord Demon.

Originally released in 1999 by way of Avon.

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