Nuclear Cardiology in Everyday Practice by P. Galofré-Mora (auth.), J. Candell-Riera, D. Ortega-Alcalde

By P. Galofré-Mora (auth.), J. Candell-Riera, D. Ortega-Alcalde (eds.)

The so much salient function of the infor­ final 4 chapters of the e-book assessment the mation supplied by way of nuclear drugs is its info from an analytical and pathophysiological and useful charac­ statistical standpoint. This strategy is ter. For sufficient experimental or medical required for proper decision-making. interpretation, such details should still This ebook is consequently the results of unavoidably be interpreted along the amassed adventure in nuclear cardiology perspectives of the scientific heart specialist, who's with the helpful cooperation of scientific in a position to use it on the person sufferer. statisticians. it's directed to physicians This procedure, that's regimen in each­ with an curiosity in nuclear cardiology, to day scientific perform, reaches its plenitude nuclear medication experts wishing to whilst the entire procedure is finished and research the makes use of and barriers of those an intimate cooperation is validated systems in daily medical cardiology, among the nuclear drugs expert and to cardiologists who believe the necessity to and the scientific heart specialist. In such comprehend the reason and method cases, most of these execs of the experiences which profit their sufferers. is familiar with the wishes, limits and possi­ We take into account that the last word cause bilities of the opposite. for any clinical ebook is the transmission the current ebook is the fruit of such of information, and we're absolutely awake cooperation. In our medical institution, a good of the passion of the authors of the nuclear cardiology workforce has been made up current textual content to accomplish that aim.

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Cardiovascular SPECT. J Nuel Med Techn 1985; 13: 150-159. 60. MAUBLANT JC, PEYCELON P, KWIATKOWSKI F, LUSSON JR, STANDKE RH, VEYRE A. Comparison between 180 0 and 360 0 data collection in technetium-99m MIBI SPECT of the myocardium. J Nuel Med 1989; 30: 295-300. 61. FISCHMAN AJ, MOORE RH, GILL lB, STRAUSS HW. Gated blood pool tomography: a technology whose time has come. Semin N uel Med 1989; 19: 13-21. 62. OHTAKE T, NISHIKAWA J, MACHlDA K, et al. Evaluation of regurgitation fraction of the left ventricle by gated cardiac blood-pool scanning using SPECT.

When the radionuclide (such as IllIn) or the labelled compounds are expensive, the final cost will depend on the rate of use of each of the flasks, as in particular cases the cost may be reduced tenfold. To all these costs, the general pay-off and running expenses should be added for a correct estimation 86 • REFERENCES I. ZARET BL, BERGER HJ. Techniques of nuclear HURST JW, LOGUE RB, RACKLEY cardiology. In: 25 NUCLEAR CARDIOLOGY 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. II. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 26 CE, et a!.

2 Image processing D. ORTEGA-ALCALDE Image acquisition and elaboration Bit. Byte. Word Matrices Acquisition. Image analysis and visualization . Screen display and image management Colour scales . Filters Parametric and composite images. Regional analysis Obtaining and processmg curves . Image acquisition and elaboration 29 30 30 31 34 34 35 35 39 40 41 Computers were introduced into nuclear medicine to obtain image information from scintillation cameras. These images are representative of the function of an organ and may be analysed either in an individual fashion (quantifying activity distribution) or in sequential series involving the evaluation of dynamic patterns.

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