Nuclear Proliferation and Terrorism in the Post-9/11 World by David Hafemeister

By David Hafemeister

This booklet fills a transparent hole within the literature for a technically-focused booklet overlaying nuclear proliferation and similar concerns post-9/11. utilizing a concept-led procedure which serves a large readership, it presents particular assessment of nuclear guns, nuclear proliferation and foreign nuclear coverage. the writer addresses subject matters together with offensive and shielding missile structures, command and keep watch over, verification, weapon results, and nuclear checking out. A chronology of nuclear hands is gifted together with distinctive dialogue of the chilly struggle, proliferation, and palms keep an eye on treaties.

The ebook is customized to classes on nuclear proliferation, and the overall reader also will locate it a desirable creation to the technological know-how and approach at the back of overseas nuclear coverage within the sleek era.

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August 2: Szilard and Edward Teller obtain a letter from Einstein on the possibility of uranium weapons, which Roosevelt receives from Alexander Sachs on October 11, 1939. – September 1: Hitler invades Poland. 18), “If the [democracies] had co-operated, they would have succeeded. ” 1940 – June 3: Paul Hartek fails to produce neutron multiplication in Hamburg reactor (185 kg natural UO2, 15 tonnes CO2 ice). 1941 – January: Experiments at the Berlin “virus house,” using a 300-kg uranium reactor with impure graphite, cause incorrect rejection of graphite as a moderator in favor of heavy water from Vermork, Norway.

Adlai Stevenson makes fallout an issue in US presidential campaign. 3 Mton at Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean. – July 6–11: First Pugwash Conference advocates test ban; Soviet scientists attend. – August: AEC inaugurates Plowshare Program for peaceful nuclear explosions. 7 kilotons at Nevada Test Site. – September 29: Soviets evacuate 10,000 from Mayak reprocessing plant explosion. US keeps the secret. – October 1: International Atomic Energy Agency inaugurated in Vienna. – October 4: First satellite Sputnik I put into orbit by USSR.

October 16: China explodes first nuclear bomb. – October 22: Salmon, a US cavity-explosion, muffles seismic signal in a salt dome, near Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 1965 – June: Large Seismic Array (LASA, Montana) starts detecting nuclear explosions. 1966 – January 17: B-52 bomber crashes near Palomares, Spain with 4 unarmed H-bombs, 2 by sea and 2 by land. – September 24: First French H-bomb, in Tuamato Archipelago, Polynesia. 1967 – January 27: Outer Space and Celestial Bodies Treaty bans nuclear weapons in orbit and space.

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