One God One Message by P. D. Bramsen

By P. D. Bramsen

I'm a christian ....well that's what i thought untill i learn this book.
If it's the in simple terms publication on your existence you going to learn good this can be it .....

I can't positioned it into phrases every one should take the adventure on there personal ,that is how we the place born into this lifestyles and that's how we going to go away it......on our personal .

But after we crossover.....JESUS could be THERE WITH US each STEP OF THE WAY...and our actual existence will commence .

A eternal one with Christ .......but ahead of we get there ,we have loads of paintings to do the following on earth..... in HIS name.

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God Bless

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My prestige is that of an informed layman who has
devoted decades to review the literature referring to
Christian origins and early Christianity. This enterprise
would maybe be the similar of acquiring educational
degrees within the box. despite the fact that, i don't have the
imprimatur of the students within the institution.
Moreover, i've been resulted in conclusions that considerably
challenge the doctrines and positions of the recent
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This leads to another question. From where did all these Biblical manuscripts and translations come? Where are the original writings? 32 PART I: JOURNEY PREPARATION ORIGINALS AND THEIR “DESCENDANTS” Due to the fact that all things on earth, including books, wear out, the Bible’s original manuscripts (also called autographs) are no longer available. Instead, safeguarded in museums and universities around the world are thousands of early copies which “descended” from the originals written by the prophets.

33 These original scrolls were then hand-copied by scribes. Scribes were distinguished professional people of the ancient world who could read, write, draw up and duplicate legal documents. Some scribes also duplicated Biblical texts. Their aim was to copy them with perfect accuracy. 44 However, not one foundational truth is affected by any of the variations found among ancient manuscripts. Scholars have never had a problem with trivial copying errors in an ancient text, secular or sacred. The fact that such variants remain in these handcopied texts strengthens the case that the Scriptures have not been tampered with.

Chapter 2: Overcoming the Obstacles 23 The Bible records many historical events that God allowed but did not approve. The true and living God is the One who delights to transform a bad situation into something good. For example, perhaps you have read the gripping story of Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob (Genesis 37-50). His ten older brothers hated him, mistreated him, and sold him as a slave to the Ishmaelites. Joseph was unjustly put in prison, but it was through that very adversity that Joseph ascended to the throne of Egypt and saved his brothers, the Egyptians and the surrounding nations from starvation.

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