One Night in Boston by Allie Boniface

By Allie Boniface

Can something particularly switch in 24 hours? Can every thing? Maggie Doyle is ready to lose her domestic, her enterprise, and her final grip on sanity until she comes up with fifteen thousand money to repay the financial institution. Her simply choice? disregard the ache of 1 life-altering evening, locate the stepbrother she hasn't spoken to in years and ask him for support. every little thing in Jack Major's lifestyles goes in line with plan. he is wealthy, strong, and approximately to marry Boston's so much winning legal professional. there is only one challenge: he can not seem to disregard his past love, the one that left him in collage after a whirlwind journey to Vegas with a mystery she could not belief him to maintain. whilst Maggie and Jack join up at a high-profile charity ball, previous collides with current and the sparks fly. yet is it too past due for a primary like to ignite back? And if Maggie unearths the explanation she left Jack all these years in the past, will he be capable to forgive her? A unmarried evening in Boston takes Maggie and Jack from the glittering lighting fixtures of the ballroom to the windswept urban streets and again over the years to relive outdated thoughts. Will morning mild deliver new wish for his or her destiny jointly? Or are a few secrets and techniques too deep to ever really conquer?

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Tell me about Dillon. ” The switch flipped again. Calm, clear eyes focused on her daughter as Hillary spoke. “A landscaping business, of course. I can’t remember what he called it. Something silly. Something that rhymed…or…I don’t know. I told him to change the name, but I don’t think he ever did. Stubborn man, you know. ” Maggie felt sweat dribbling down her spine. She didn’t want to talk about Dillon, the person. She didn’t want to think about him as having emotions or personality traits that could get under your skin.

Today. I’ve got to figure out where to find him. ” Eden rustled some papers in the background. ” “Maybe four or so? ” “Call me when you get into town. ” Eden paused. “Are you sure there isn’t anything else I can do to help? ” Maggie shook her head, surprised that it had taken her friend nearly ten minutes to guess the truth. “No. com ! One Night in Boston little apartment, designer clothes, and the zippy red sports car she drove more than sucked dry her weekly paycheck. No, finding Dillon was the most practical answer.

The heads of her poor flowers bowed under the storm, petals damp and crushed, leaves lost. She wished she could hold up their tender blossoms and funnel them strength to withstand the wind and the rain. Hell, she wished she could do that for herself, right about now. She looked back at her desk and the list of landscaping businesses that Neve had found online. Ninety-eight listed just in the city of Boston. That didn’t include any of the suburbs. Ninety-eight? Maggie wanted to cry. She sank to a seat and drummed her fingers on the desk.

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