Organic Syntheses: An Annual Publication of Satisfactory by William S. (Editor-in-Chief) Johnson

By William S. (Editor-in-Chief) Johnson

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Ion exchangers. PDF CATIONIC - The condition of a polymer, colloid, or large particle having exchangeable anions on its surface and an opposite, positive charge on the substrata. CAUSTIC CRACKING - A form of stress-corrosion cracking most frequently encountered in carbon steels or iron-chromium-nickel alloys that are exposed to concentrated hydroxide solutions at temperature of 200 to 250°C. CAUSTIC EMBRITTLEMENT - An obsolete term replaced by caustic cracking. CAUSTIC SODA - A common water treatment chemical, sodium hydroxide.

DEADBAND - In HVAC, a temperature range in which neither heating nor cooling is turned on; in load management, a kilowatt range in which loads are neither shed nor restored. DE-AERATING HEATERS - Mechanical device using steam to strip dissolve gases from the boiler feedwater and heating the feedwater. DE-AERATION - Act of separating air from substances. DE-AERATOR - An apparatus or device which is used to remove dissolved air or oxygen from water. DE-ALKALIZATION - The removal of alkalinity from a water supply by neutralization or ion exchange.

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