Pride: A Dictionary for the Vain (Deadly Dictionaries) by Adams Media

By Adams Media

The Seven lethal Sins have sliced up the dictionary and brought what's theirs. not anyone vice is just too grasping as every one quantity prides itself on having greater than 500 entries. notice fans will lust after those richly packaged volumes--and as soon as you've accrued all seven, you'll be the envy of your whole friends.
Pride: A Dictionary for the Vain
No one enjoys lording over the uneducated with a gorgeous pointed vocabulary just like the Prideful. Now each be aware they should describe how far better they're is correct at their fingertips.

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eISBN: 978-1-4405-2823-1

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Egocentricity (ee-goh-sen-TRIS-ih-tee) noun: A selfish, egocentric attitude. David’s overwhelming EGOCENTRICITY stemmed from the fact his parents always told him he was the best at whatever he did—and now he expects everyone in his adult life to do the same. egoism (EE-goh-iz-uhm) noun: Valuing things only in reference to one’s own self-worth. egomania (ee-goh-MAY-nee-uh) noun: Obsessive egoism. egomaniac (ee-goh-MAY-nee-ak) noun: A person who exhibits egomania. 39 egosurfing egosurfing (ee-goh-SUR-fing) noun: A slang term meaning to look yourself up on the Internet for the sake of vanity.

An extravagant (male) person who is uncommonly vain or pretentious is a fop. foppish (FOP-ish) adjective: A person concerned with appearance in a pretentious way. forward (FAWR-werd) adjective: Presumptuous, bold. fulfilled ( fuhl-FILD) noun: A sense of satisfaction or happiness. 50 fustian fustian (FUHS-chuhn) noun: Pompous, inflated language in writing or speech. The FUSTIAN memoir was full of intimate, overblown details of the author’s life that no one really wanted to know. 51 G garland garland (GAHR-luhnd) noun: A wreath given as an award; an accolade.

Flag-waving ( flag-WAY-ving) adjective: Intensely patriotic or chauvinistic. flaunt ( flawnt) verb: To display (oneself or a possession) in an ostentatious way. Flaunt is often confused with flout, but the words have completely different meanings. flauntingly (FLAWN-ting-lee) adverb: To do or say something in a flaunting, ostentatious way. 48 The infinitely little have pride infinitely great. —Voltaire 49 flush flush ( fluhsh) noun: Wealthy or having a lot of something like money. foofaraw (FOO-fuh-raw) noun: A lot of fuss about a lot of nothing, or an excessive amount of decoration on oneself, in a room, etc.

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