Ready-made English by Kurt Scheibner, etc.

By Kurt Scheibner, etc.

A suite of photocopiable actions for English sessions, with teacher's notes containing feedback for extensions and extra perform. The actions can be utilized to complement latest classes or to revise particular language.

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Instead they act out a part of the scene according to the questions asked. 3. Hand out one copy of Worksheet 18b to the other students and have them, the "reporters," look at the question order on the right. Tell them one entry for Line 9 (Question A): She told him about the spider. Students write this on their Worksheets. Then have them look at the line for Question B (Line 3). Tell them the entry is: She put a plate in the cupboard. Finally, students look at Line 15 (Question C). Tell them to write: She gave him a chair and asked him to kill the spider.

Seven days 9. Stop a car 10. Flying machine 11. Bright star 12. Square root of 64 13. This place 14. Part of a movie 15. Long piece of wood 16. Get together 17. County festival 18. Post 19. Pushed air from mouth 20. rl,plcd and uwd wlthln [he claw / 8 New Year's Resolutions Aim To talk about predictions and resolutions. Language Preparation Write the following sentence on the board: I will start tomorrow. Ask students to guess what the blank is. After they have practiced asking questions such as Are you going to start dieting tomorrow?

If two words are unique, then two points. If only one is unique, then one point. Each line on the worksheet begins a new round of points. Variations 1. Roleplay a sale in a store where some of the items can be bought, for example a furniture store. Each pair could create its own mini-drama with one person playing the role of the store clerk and the other the customer. 2. When all is finished, impose a budget of approximately 7 5 percent of the total and have roommates re-negotiate their lists to fit within the budget.

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