The Little Red Book of Very Dirty Words by Alexis Munier

By Alexis Munier

Within this booklet: The dirtiest phrases within the English language!
And we're not only speaking approximately these notorious seven phrases you can't say on television. We're speaking approximately greater than 1,000 of the blessedly profane insults, obscenities, and vulgarities that make English the richest--and raunchiest--language in the world.
In The Little crimson e-book of Very soiled Words, you'll locate the dirtiest of the soiled, in addition to the main deliciously obscene diversifications from English-speaking international locations all over the world. So pass forward, name your ex/boss/landlord a barmy, crop-dusting, kickin', frackin', bloody son-of-a-bitch dickwad.
Swear. Loudly. You'll be friggin' pleased you probably did. simply because with this nastiest of nasty wordbooks, you'll locate conversing soiled hasn't ever been extra fun--or extra filthy!

About the Author
Alexis Munier relocated from California to Europe in her mid-twenties and started educating English at world-renown language colleges in Russia, Slovenia, and Italy. After shedding her valley lady accessory, she even taught classes in British English that may rival Professor Higgins's. Now a author and opera singer established in Switzerland, Ms. Munier spends summers in London, bickering with overly well mannered Black Cab drivers and protecting the virtues of yank spelling.

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eISBN: 978-1-44051-357-2

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What is the area called nationally? What is the area called regionally? 377. We were going to go fishing at sea, but what arose so we decided we had better not? 379. What do Asian students tend to study at English-speaking universities and why? And who are the exceptions? 381. She loved her son. Her son was arrested for theft. There was a lot of evidence against him. But the mother loved her son very much indeed and did not want to lose him to prison. So, what belief did she adhere to? 383. If you are sending an expensive gift in the mail, what precaution should you take?

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