Transformations and Transfer of Tantra in Asia and Beyond by István Keul

By István Keul

The essays during this quantity, written via experts operating within the box of tantric experiences, try and hint approaches of transformation and move that happened within the historical past of tantra from round the 7th century and as much as the current. the quantity gathers contributions on South Asia, Tibet, China, Mongolia, Japan, North the United States, and Western Europe by means of students from quite a few educational disciplines, who current ongoing learn and inspire dialogue on major issues within the growing to be box of tantric reviews. as well as the broad geographical and temporal variety, the chapters of the quantity disguise a large thematic sector, together with sleek Bengali tantric practitioners, tantric ritual in medieval China, the South Asian cults of the mummy goddesses, the way in which of Buddhism into Mongolia, and countercultural echoes of up to date tantric experiences.

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But there is also inclu sion of Vedic mantras at those critical points where liquor, the first M, most offensive to the Ved ic world-view, plays the chief role in ritual and where the highly erotic, " ever wet " goddess Lalita is visualised . 1sa ), ( 3 ) fish (matsya ), ( 4 ) roasted P K S ), do not include the Vedic mantras. In the PKS there are two arghyas, the ordinary one performed with water and the special one performed with alcohol (PKS 2 . 5 - 6 ; 3 . 22F; 6. I8-I9 ; 7· IO-I I, I8; 8. I I- I 2).

A number of Agamas, for instance, are alternatively called Tan­ tra , but there is no trace of the pan camakara. We have learned that almost all S a iva traditions are more or less Tantric, or that South Indian temple culture encomp asses many Tantric elements such as visualisations, sacred diagrams and repetitions of monosyllabic mantra formulas - the kind of issues Avalon was talking a bout. But by acknowledging this, the question of definition, history and origin came to a hea d, and not only the subject o f Tantra , but also the perspectives o n it multiplied.

Q-I6 the dharma or samaya of the Kaulas is the best of all samayas. In the common Agamic lore the term is used in the general sense of "rule " and in later Agamas also more technically as the first rank of initiation (samaya-diksii) within a graded system of four types of practitioners or initiates (Samayin, Putraka, Sadhaka, and Guru ! Acirya). 40 besides a number of other ones, but not in the P K S . However, there is another spiritual ranking system in these two Kaula texts, namely seven ulliisas (mys­ tical grades).

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