Vintage Knits for Modern Babies by Hadley Fierlinger

By Hadley Fierlinger

Vintage Knits for contemporary infants presents twenty-five vintage-inspired styles from the fashionable child knitwear label, proprietor and fashion designer Hadley Fierlinger stocks her lovingly crafted choice of hand-knitted, heirloom-quality clothing for babies and tots elderly six months to 3 years. From caps, cardigans, and mittens to booties, bonnets, and blankets–each development positive factors smooth interval information hearkening again to the Nineteen Thirties, ’40s, and ’50s whereas providing glossy convenience and a modern choice for organic yarns. this can be a pleasant reward for mothers-to-be, grandmothers, godmothers, aunties, and others, delivering a whole diversity of souvenir tasks at talent degrees for newbie, intermediate, and skilled knitters.

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While several patterns are for the beginning knitter, most cater to those who have mastered the basics and whose skills include basic shaping and following intermediate instructions. Many of the designs were inspired by my growing collection of vintage knitting pattern books, which date back to the 1890s. com collection, such as the Double-Breasted Car Coat, Matinee Jacket, and Cabled Booties, as well as Anya’s Cardigan, which inspired me so many years ago. You’ll find simple yet timeless designs that are waiting for your own modern touch and embellishment.

What better way to welcome a little one into the world than with a gift made by hand? “My grandmother would gather us kids around and try to maintain her patience to teach us to knit. I would sort of get the hang of it, but my grandmother was so good at it I would sometimes get discouraged. I especially felt like I would never learn when I watched my grandmother fall asleep in her recliner with her knitting needles in her hands … still knitting. ” –Heather Brossman, mother of three Choosing Yarns for Baby Knits Modern babies need not suffer the itchy torture of the hand knit woolen sweaters we were forced to endure as children.

Using the yarn, needle size, and stitch pattern specified, cast on 40 stitches, and work approximately 40 rows. Lay your work flat and, without stretching, measure 4 inches (10 cm) both vertically and horizontally, marking the measure with pins. Count the stitches between pin markers; these should match the required gauge. If not, try one needle size up or down: if your gauge is too loose (too few stitches and rows), try smaller needles; if it is too tight (too many stitches and rows), try larger needles.

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