What Dreams May Come by Kay Hooper

By Kay Hooper

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A battery of tests on Mitchell had found no brain damage. Intense physical therapy over months had repaired the ravages of the long coma, and doctors were astonished by his progress. There had been no setbacks, and the medical staff at the hospital was confident enough to anticipate no future ones. For a long moment, as she stared at the clipping. Kelly felt nothing except distant shock. Then, as if a dam had burst inside her, a complex tangle of emotions washed through her. Happiness, relief, guilt, bitterness, anger.

Mitch waited silently, his broad-shouldered, athletic body still and apparently relaxed behind the big desk. Boyd thought fleetingly of the man he had first met, a much thinner man who had been immersed in physical therapy in that private hospital; his driven determination to regain his strength and leave that place had, Boyd knew, worn out three therapists and astonished a number of doctors. Curiously enough, the coma had left few signs of age on John Mitchell; and he actually looked younger now than he had when Boyd had first met him.

The stone caught the morning light and glittered brightly. Kelly stared at the ring for an instant, then looked at him. For the first time he was smiling, though the expression was hardly more than a slight curve of his firm lips. "I don't think so," he said quietly. Two For a long moment she didn't move, but only stared at him with her huge violet eyes. Then she reached up and caught the chain a couple of inches from his fingers, and pulled it away from him. The ring fell onto the smooth material of her blue blouse, and she fingered it for an instant before crossing her arms beneath her breasts.

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